Transformer is one of the important electrical equipment in power system, it is similar to power transformer, is used to convert circuit voltage or current. However, the purpose of the power transformer switching voltage and current, is to transfer the power, voltage or current transformer transformation, the purpose of measuring and monitoring circuit voltage or current. In general, power transformer capacity is big, the change of the voltage or current error, transformer capacity is small, the change of the voltage or current error is small. In the measuring circuit, which is used to convert current, the current meter and relay is called a current transformer, power transformer is used to convert voltage, the voltage meter and relay of power transformer is called voltage transformer.

JDZW-3/6/10 Outdoor single-phase epoxy resin casting type voltage transformer


JDZW-35 Outdoor voltage transformer 35kv


JDZX9-35 Indoor single-phase epoxy resin casting type voltage transformer


JSZWK-3/6/10 Outdoor Anti-resonance three phase voltage transformer 3KV 6KV 10KV


JSZW-35 Outdoor whole seal three-phase voltage transformer 35KV


JSZW-3/6/10 Indoor 3 phases voltage transformer


JSZV12A-3/6/10 3KV 6KV 10KV Indoor three-phase epoxy resin casting type voltage transformer


JSZJK-3/6/10 indoor Three-phase Anti-magnet Anti-resonance voltage transformer


JLSZY-35 outdoor high voltage 35kv combination transformer combined current and voltage transformer

This combination transformer is combined single phase voltage transformer and current transformer

LJW-10/35 indoor outdoor dual-use device current transformer

A steel box oil-immersed, indoor outdoor dual-use current transformer

The classification of the transformer:

  1. According to the principle of classification: can be divided into capacitive voltage transformer and voltage transformer electromagnetic voltage transformer, current transformer are electromagnetic current transformer.

  2. According to the winding insulation medium classification, there are dry, pouring, oil-immersed and inflatable (SF6).

  3. According to use classification: can be divided into two broad categories, voltage transformer, current transformer, can divide again for measuring, protection, special purpose and precise four classes.

  4. According to the installation site classification: can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type two kinds.

  5. According to the number of phase voltage transformer classification: can be divided into two kinds of single-phase, three-phase.

  6. Voltage transformer windings by several categories: duplex winding, three-winding two kinds.

  7. The classification of the current transformer according to the installation method: wear a wall type, support type and loading type 3 kinds.

  8. The classification of the current transformer according to the current ratio: a single variable ratio and changeable than two.

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