MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)

What is a vacuum circuit breaker?

A vacuum circuit breaker is a circuit breaker quenching arc in a vacuum medium. The on-off, on-off, and associated arc breaking operations with current contacts are carried out in the vacuum chamber of the circuit breaker, known as the vacuum circuit breaker.

Vacuum as arc extinguishing medium in circuit breaker is called vacuum circuit breaker because the vacuum has superior arc extinguishing performance so that it has high insulation strength. This applies to most standard voltage applications, as for higher voltages, vacuum techniques are developed but are not commercially viable.

VSG-24 indoor high voltage 24KV VCB vacuum circuit breaker for power grid switchgear

As a protection and control unit for power grid equipment and industrial and mining enterprise power design

ZW20-12 outdoor column high voltage vacuum circuit breaker 12KV VCB recloser with SF6

Mainly used for opening closing the power system load current, overload current and short - circuit current

ZW32-12 series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker 12KV MV VCB with controller

12KV MV VCB outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker with controller

ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker 24KV VCB

As the power grid's breaking switch, it can realize the distribution network automation after installation of the controller.

ZW32 series 40KV outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

basic functions such as breaking and closing load current, overload current and short circuit current

ZW43-12 permanent magnet outdoor MV vacuum circuit breaker 12KV HV VCB

used as 10kv /11KV /12KV substation outlet switches and  three-phase AC electric power system.

ZW32-40T outdoor medium voltage disconnector vacuum circuit breaker

the circuit breaker and the isolating switch can be combined to form a "combined circuit breaker"

VJG(C)-12GD 12kV MV VCB vacuum circuit breaker AIR INSULATED SWITCHGEAR

12kV VCB AIR INSULATED SWITCHGEAR MV VCB vacuum circuit breaker

ZN63A-12 (VS1) 12KV HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Indoor Type

ZN63A-12 (VS1) Vacuum Circuit Breaker Indoor Type, used for the control and protection of substation and euquipments.

24KV VCB indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker with embedded poles

24KV vacuum circuit breaker with spring mechanism is embedded pole,that can greatly improve the reliability of insulation,


The working principle of the vacuum circuit breaker is that once the circuit breaker contact is disconnected in a vacuum, the contact is ionized by the metal vapor in the contact and produces an arc. However, due to the rapid condensation of electrons, ions, and metal vapors generated in CB contact outside the arc, the arc is easily quenched, so dielectric strength can be quickly restored. The most important feature of a vacuum is that once an arc is created in a vacuum, it can be extinguished quickly due to the rapid increase in the dielectric strength of the vacuum.

Characteristics of vacuum circuit breaker

Compared with other types of circuit breakers, the insulation medium of vacuum circuit breakers has higher requirements on arc suppression performance. The pressure in the vacuum blocker is about 10-4 for the flood, which includes very few molecules in the blocker. This circuit breaker basically has the following two characteristics.

Compared with other insulating media used in circuit breakers, the circuit breaker is a superior insulating medium. It is superior to other media except for SF6 and air because these media are used at high pressure.

Application of vacuum circuit breaker

A vacuum circuit breaker is currently recognized as the most reliable medium voltage switching current interruption technology. It requires minimal maintenance compared to other circuit breaker technologies.

The technology is mainly suitable for medium voltage applications. For high-pressure vacuum technology has been developed, but it is not commercially feasible. The vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for both metal-clad switchgear and ceramic clad circuit breaker.

Supplier of vacuum circuit breaker

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