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Product Description

The transformer is one of import electrical appliances in electric system. It's similar to power transformer and also used to transformer voltage or current in the circuit. However, transforming voltage and current by power transformer aims at transferring electric energy while transforming voltage and current by transformer aims at measuring and monitoring voltage or current in the circuit. Generally, power transformer owns large capacity as well as large change difference of voltage or current. While transformer owns small capacity as well as smaller change difference of voltage or current. In measuring circuit. The transformer that transforms current and supplies electricity for current meter and relay is called current transformer. The transformer that transforms voltage and supplies electricity for voltage meter and relay is called voltage transformer.

Applicable working conditions

1. The height above sea level is not above 1000m. (Please indicate height above sea level if it is used in high land area).

2. Max.change of environment temperature doesn't exceed 5℃ to 40℃. (If there is any requirement. Please indicate in the order).
3. Ordinary products can be used in the area with relative humidity not above 85%.
4.There is no gas, steam, chemical sedimentation, dust or dirt or other explosive and corrosive medium that seriously affect transformer at installation site. There is no serious vibration or bump. Either.


1. While the primary current goes through current transformer, the open circuit of secondary winding is not allows, other wise high voltage will produce and affect the performance of product.

2. The short circuit of secondary winding of voltage transformer is not allowed. Otherwise the transformer will be burned.
3. The repeated power frequency withstand voltage test of primary winding shall be conducted under 80% of stipulated test voltage value.


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