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Product Description

It adopts the principle of compressed gas production and arc extinguishing, which has the advantages of simple structure, low maintenance, strong arc extinguishing ability, high fracture insulation level, and high reliability, reaching the level of similar foreign products.

This switch is suitable for outdoor three-phase AC power distribution system with rated voltage below 12kV and rated frequency of 50Hz to meet the load current. In the open position, it can meet the isolation

requirements specified for the isolating switch.

Environmental Conditions

a. Altitude ≤1000m;

b. Ambient air temperature -30~+40℃;

c. Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;

d. Without frequent violent vibration.

Technical Parameters

1Rated voltageKV12
2Rated frequencyHz50
3Rated currentA630
4Rated active load breaking currentA630
5Rated closed loop breaking currentA630
65%rated active load breaking currentA31. 5
7Rated cable charging breaking currentA10
8Rated breaking capacity of no-load transformerKVA1600
9Rated breaking capacitor bank currentA100
 101min power frequency withstand voltage: vacuum fracture/phase-to-phase, phase-to earth, disconnectingfracture KV 42/48
 11Lightning impulse withstand voltage: phase-to phase,phase-to-earth/disconnecting fracture KV 75/85
12Rated short time withstand current(thermal stability)KA20
13Rated short-circuit durationS4
14Rated peak withstand current(dynamic stability)KA50
15Rated short-circuit closing currentKA50
16Mechanical lifeTimes10000
17Vacuum interrupter contact erosion limitmm0.5
18Manual operating torqueNm≤200









Load break switch vacuum interrupter assembling adjustment

Clearance between opencontacts mm 5±1
Average opening speedm/s1.1±0.2
Three-phase openingasynchronism ms <5
Three-phase closingasynchronism ms <2
Distance between chargedbodies and phase-to-earth mm >200
Auxiliary circuit resistanceμΩ≥400




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