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Product Description

GN30-12 type rotary indoor high voltage isolating switch is a new type of touch rotating knife type isolating switch, the main structure in three-phase chassis of the upper and lower two plane, fixed two set of insulator and contact, by rotating contactor, so as to realize the switch of switching.

The use of environmental conditions .

 1.No more than altitude of 1000 meters. 

2.Ambient air temperature: From -25 to +40. 

3.Air relative humidity:Daily average no greater than 95%;Monthly average no greater than 90%. 

4.Amplitude:Seismic intensity not exceed degree 8. 

5.Installation place: No fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and sharp shakes.

ItemModel and specification
Rated voltage(kV)12
Rated current(A)400630100012501600-3150
Rated short-time withstand current(kA)12.52031.540
Rated short-circuit duration(s)4
Rated peak withstand current(kA)31.55080100
Rated insulating levelRated 1min. PFphase to phase/ to earth: 42, across open contacts: 49
withstand voltage(kV)
Lightning impulsephase to phase/ to earth: 75, across open contacts: 85
withstand voltage(kV)


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