What is the main function of the load break switch?

In our circuit, we can often see a lot of things similar to gate knives and valves, there are many lines, many of which we are foolishly confused, but we only know when we walk under the high-voltage line We will not worry about high-voltage electricity leakage, mainly because there is a part playing a role in it, it is an important part load switch used in many circuits in our daily life, so the load switch is in our daily circuit in the end what role does it play?

  1.  On and off functions. Because it has a certain arc extinguishing ability, it can be used to break and close the load current and a certain multiple (usually 3-4 times) overload current; it can also be used to break and close the allowable capacity of the isolating switch Larger no-load transformers and longer no-load lines are sometimes used to open and close large-capacity capacitor banks.

  2. substitution effect. The series combination of load break switch and current limiting fuse can be used instead of circuit breaker. That is to say, the load switch is responsible for breaking and closing the overload current that is less than a certain multiple, and the current limiting fuse is responsible for breaking the larger overload current and short-circuit current. The load switch combined with the current limiting fuse in series into an integrated load switch is specified in the national standard as "load switch-fuse combination appliance". The fuse can be installed on the power supply side of the load switch or on the power receiving side of the load switch. When it is not necessary to change the fuse frequently, the former arrangement should be used flatly, so that the load break switch can be used as the isolating switch to isolate the voltage applied to the current-limiting fuse.

  3. the load break switchis an electrical appliance with a function between a high-voltage circuit breaker and a high-voltage isolation switch. The load break switch is often used in series with a high-voltage fuse; it is used to control power transformers. The high-voltage load break switch has a simple arc extinguishing device, because it can turn on and off a certain load current and overload current. However, it cannot disconnect the short-circuit current, so it is generally used in series with a high-voltage fuse for short-circuit protection with the help of a fuse. Under the specified conditions of use, it can connect and disconnect a certain capacity no-load transformer (indoor 315KVA, outdoor 500KVA); can connect and disconnect a certain length of no-load overhead line (indoor 5KM, outdoor 10KM); can connect Makes and breaks a length of unloaded cable line. Through a transmission system composed of two sets of four-bar linkage mechanisms, the main knife is opened first, and then the arc-extinguishing knife is pushed to open the arc contact, and the compressed air in the cylinder blows out the arc through the nozzle.

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