JGGY Electrical ( was established in 2007, specializing in the supply and manufacturing medium voltage electric Vacuum circuit Breaker, MV switch, Load break switch, Air-insulated switchgear, Disconnector, Cutout fuse, Surge Arrester, etc.

Over the years, JGGY has been successfully used in important fields such as electric power, communications, chemicals, mining, metallurgy, transportation, petroleum, and railways.

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JN15 series MV 24KV earthing switch ground switch

HV Earthing Switch For Protection High-voltage Equipment Maintenance

15KV outdoor HV Drop-out Fuse cutout Fuse

Drop-out fused cut out is composed of insulator supports and fuse tube, static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on  two ends of fuse tube

12KV Cutout FUSE with Arc extinguishing

Cutout Fuse are connected with the incoming feeder of the distribution transformer or distribution lines

LFZB8-10 current transformer 10kV indoor single phase epoxy resin casting type CT

current transformer adopts the structure of epoxy resin vacuum casting full-seal transfixion

LZZBJ9-10A1 current transformer is of whole sealing casting insulation pillar type

used for measurement of current and electric energy as well as relay protection in the AC eircuit of rated frequeney sOHz and rated voltage 10kV.

LZZBJ9-10Q Indoor current transformer 10KV

 This current transformer is of whole sealing casting insulation pillar type

LA-10 series 10KV indoor current transformer


LAZBJ-10 indoor current transformer 10kv


LCZ-35 indoor 35KV current transformer


JGGY Electrical adopts a modern production mode, has a group of experts and technicians who have been engaged in the production of electric vacuums and switch for many years. 80% of the high-voltage parts are designed and processed by itself, and it has obtained a number of invention patents every year. All aspects of production and management strictly implement and implement ISO9001 standards, and a corporate office information platform network has been established. CAD and CAM software technology applications are adopted from the whole process of product design, research and development and quality inspection, which greatly reduces product development and production cycle.

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